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SOTTO MAIOR & NAGEL ADVOGADOS has a team that is specialized in the technology area. Considering the exponential growth of this sector of the economy in the country and the high concentration of StarUps in Florianópolis, host city to one of our offices, we offer several services and specific solutions for companies of this sector.

Adapted to the environment of innovation and aligned with the inherent needs of StartUps, our legal body provides procedural analysis and company adequation to specific legislation. It also performs updates and adaptations to recent requirements imposed by the stringent and complex General Data Protection Act (LGPD), passed in August of 2018, which will be officially implemented in February 2020.

Our office operates in all areas from StartUp conception to expansion plans. Our services include:

  • Assistance in defining corporate structure
  • Contract drafting and analysis
  • Intellectual and technological property
  • Information Security and Data Protection
  • Risk analysis and reduction
  • Compliance and monitoring following current legislation
  • Advice on international negotiations
  • Conflict resolution

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